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Hall Effect Current Sensors and Current Transducers
Open Loop Hall Effect Current Sensors (5032kB)
Closed Loop Hall Effect Current Sensors - PCB Mounting and with Rectangle Window (2189kB)
Closed Loop Hall Effect Current Sensors - with Round Window (1850kB)
Leakage Current and Small Current Sensors (2713kB)
Other Current Sensors and Transducers (3359kB)

Current Sensors

Voltage Sensors and Transducers
Hall Effect Voltage Sensors (996kB)
Other Voltage Sensors and Transducers (2523kB)

Voltage Sensors

Rotational Speed Sensors and Proximity Switches
Hall Effect Vane Sensors (983kB)
Hall Effect Gear Tooth Speed Sensors (235kB)
Hall Effect Proximity Switches (1256kB)
Hall Effect Sensor Elements and ICs (5682kB)
Differential Magnetoresistive Speed Sensors (650kB)

Speed Sensors

Magnetic Devices and Instruments
Gaussmeters/Teslameters (910kB)
Fluxmeters (296kB)
Magnetic Pole Detectors and Field Viewer (341kB)

Magnetic Devices/Instruments

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